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FruitCommerce is an on-line fruit and vegetable market for professional sector operators with the option of allowing buyer and seller to negotiate prices directly in real time. Specifically designed for the purchase and sale of fresh fruit and vegetables and related products, FruitCommerce is the commercial evolution of the fruit and vegetable sector!


Advantages without borders

A real on-line market that facilitates national and international trade, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Sell in freedom. A window to the world

FruitCommerce is the ideal bridge by which to reach your customers, old and new, as it brings demand and supply together in real time


Buy produce: so many options

Discover countless produce and sellers:
- what to buy
- where to buy
- from whom to buy
it's up to you!


Bargain and go

With FruitCommerce, the price is negotiated directly by buyer and seller in real time! Zero middle men; maximum speed.