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Protections for buyers and sellers


Do you want to sell?

Sell safely! Transactions only with credit card. Payments are authorised only after checking the credit card.
By using the credit card, the buyer makes available the entire sum related to the lot that it intends to buy.


Do you want to buy?

Buy safely! After purchasing, you have time to check the quality of the product. The payment by credit card allows a deferred debiting of the amount.
You are not satisfied with the quality of the product as stated by the seller? You can start a dispute!
The debiting of the amount will be immediately suspended and accounted for only after settling the dispute.


If you have already registered your company, start to sell or to buy! No intermediaries, only a small commission upon transaction occurred.


If you have not already registered to FruitCommerce, you can do it now... it is free of charge!


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